US Flag For Sale

Proud U.S. Family owned & operated Minnesota business for over 30 years

PolyExtra US Flags

Completely Made in the U.S.A!

All of it… the materials, fabrics and components for our flags are made on United States soil by United States companies!

Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes. Our PolyExtra flags are especially designed and meticulously crafted to please our most discriminating customers.

Their two-ply polyester fabric is specially loomed and dyed to withstand the most demanding weather conditions, counteract the effects of ultra-violet light, and still remain crisp and bright. But they’re not just sturdy. Their embroidered stars, enduring brilliant colors, and finely crafted details make them a beautiful outdoor flag as well.

They grandly set the standard with durability and elegance that guarantees their classic status for a long time to come.