US Flag For Sale

Proud U.S. Family owned & operated Minnesota business for over 30 years

Available in clear (silver), bronze and heavy-duty
versions, from 16′ to 25′ in height. 

Our patented counterweight system will allow the flag to fly freely in the wind!

Completely custom, with finish options like powdercoat, anodized, duranodic bronze, or black.

All of Our Telescoping Flagpoles Come With:

Free American Flag with Our Telescoping Flagpoles

U.S. Nylon Flag

Free Gold Ball with Our Telescoping Flagpoles

Gold Ball

Aluminum Rings

Telescoping Flagpole Ground Sleeve

Ground Sleeve for Installation


Great Shipping Options

We are the source for the original (and still the best) Telescoping flagpoles. They are strong, beautiful and easy to use, and will increase the curb appeal of your home. 

We’re here to make buying your new flagpole online as simple as possible and save you some money. That’s why we’ve got lots of shipping options when you order your flagpole online with us. 

No matter what your flagpole weighs, we have a flat rate shipping price for most states in the midwest. Outside of that area, we have all UPS options available, and we have negotiated great rates! 

Do you have more specific shipping requirements? Please call us at (800) 942-2113 and let us help. 

Flat Rate and UPS World Wide Shipping of Telescoping Flagpoles
Thirteen year-old Annika Wiczek demonstrates how simple it is to raise one of our flag poles!

A few words from our Happy & Proud customers!